Curtis, Christopher Paul. Bud, Not Buddy. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.


The book was about ten year old boy named Bud. Bud's mom died when he was four, so he lives in a foster home. Bud has been in and out of adoptive homes. When he gets in a fight with one of his adoptive parents son, he decides he would escape and go out on the lam. He decides he is going to run away to Chicago with his friend named Bugs. When he doesn't make the train, he goes out in search of his father who he has never known. When he gets there, he finds out something truly remarkable. You'll have to read to find out what happens!

Conclusion of Civil Rights

My conclusion of civil rights after reading this book was that being a different color than someone else can really affect the way you dress or act.

Idea I Learned from the Book

An idea I learned from the book was that even though it seems impossible, it is always possible.