You book report plan.

Book Title and Author
Your Name

Answer the questions below in complete sentences.

By what date should you have finished reading your book, and how many pages should you read per week to make this deadline?

Can you think of any of the required information you need that you already know about your person? If so, what is it?

How many homework sessions will you need to complete the power point? When will you begin your powerpoint?

Can you complete some of the power point while you are reading? Which parts?

Why did you choose this historical figure?

I will have finished this in about one week, I should read twenty pages a night.
I can think of his birthday and his activities.
I will need about five homework sessions to complete the powerpoint. I will begin my powerpoint on Monday, when I will be done with my book.
Yes, I will complete the pictures.
I chose this historical figure because I have always liked the Beatles, and I wanted to learn more about one of their band members.