1. Your name (5 points)
Owen Ostdiek.
2. The title and author and illustrator (if it has an illlustrator) of the book. (5 points)
The title of the book is 1968, the author is Michael T. Kaufman, and the illustrator is Edward Miller.
3. Correct citation for the book. Use Noodle Tools. (5 points)
Kaufman, Michael T. 1968. Illus. Edward Miller. New York: Roaring Brook Pross,
2009. Print.
4. Summarize the main idea of the book. (15 points)
The main idea of this book is the many important events that happened in 1968 and what led up to those events.
5. Your conclusions about civil rights after reading this book. (10 points)
My conclusion about civil rights after reading the book that in the 1960s African Americans were still not treated the same as white people.
6. Identify at least one new idea you took away from the book. (10 points)
One new idea I took away from the book is that possibly the Americans should not have entered the Vietnam war.
7. After reviewing your project Mrs. Gilmore can clearly see you read the book, used reading strategies, and learned from the book. (10 points)
60 total points